Fibraquarelle is a textile alchemy lab, which turns yarn and bright colors into handwoven wonders. It was born out of a love of traditional craft processes and a need to create things that would not exist otherwise. The resulting textiles are unique, traditional yet modern, usable in daily life, durable and ethical.

Products are made on a traditional Ulla Cyrus or "Öxabäck" handloom, using natural materials such as cotton, linen, wool and silk. Materials are sourced from Swedish suppliers whenever possible. Favorites include Växbo lin, Holma, Östergötlands Ullspinneri and Sjöalyckans silke.

This blog is for sharing technical tips and weaving drafts, along with reflections on the politics of crafts. It is made possible by Patreon supporters, which help justify the time it takes to put together proper blog posts. More informal posts and behind-the-scenes details can be found there.

Other ways to support the studio include Ko-fi donations, buying finished pieces in the webshop, or, if you're local to Stockholm, booking a session at the dye workshop.

The owner of Fibraquarelle, which is a fancy way of saying the one human doing everything, is Amandine Coget, a grumpy French person and freelance videogame programmer. For their infrequently updated ramblings and programming portfolio, you can visit their personal website.